Saturday, March 26, 2011

How Hero drives me crazy

Impy sleeps downstairs in his crate, by choice, but Hero doesn't care for crates (he virtually ripped his apart in an effort to explain this to me a while back), so his nighttime residence is my bathroom. When I'm lying in bed at night, trying to go to sleep, I will often hear the sound of Hero licking his paws. He seems to spend hours cleaning his paws (the backyard is often muddy this time of year, and a dog has to keep his paws nice and white). It's a soft, but very annoying sound.

Later, when I'm just about asleep, he'll apparently get bored with the paw-cleaning thing, and will pick up his ball and start squeaking it. Sq-UUUUEAK! Sq-UUUUUEAKKKK! This is a less soft, and even more annoying sound.

On the up side, my dogs are unusually flexible about going out in the morning. If it's a school morning, they know it, and they insist (noisily) on going out by eight or so. But on a weekend morning, they've been known to let me sleep till ten or eleven. As long as I'm in bed, they'll permit me to sleep. The minute I get out of bed, though, they figure it's my duty to take care of them, so they raise a ruckus and demand to be let outside.

I guess being allowed to sleep in on weekends makes up for all the squeaking and paw cleaning:-).

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