Saturday, March 19, 2011

Tidewater traffic sucks

I took the kids to see my dad today. We had a nice brunch, then took them to Mt. Trashmore (yes, that really is a place in Virginia Beach, I swear) and let them run around the park for a while while we sat and chatted. Then I dropped my dad back at his house and attempted to go home.

But traffic here can be insane, even on the weekends, due to the very limited routes available to cross the water. The Downtown Tunnel (I-264) is closed for the weekend while they do maintenance. The high-rise bridge (on Interstate 64) was completely blocked due to an accident. And I attempted to go home via the Midtown Tunnel (the only other route), but after forty-five minutes of sitting in traffic and hardly moving, I gave up. I headed back to Virginia Beach, and the kids and I visited the other grandparents for a while. Which was really nice, actually, so I guess I shouldn't complain:-). Anyway, by the time they had to head out for a night on the town, the roads were more or less clear, and we managed to finally make it home, where my dogs were quite indignant at being left alone for so long!

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