Saturday, March 19, 2011


I just saw a couple of my books on what appears to be a forum for file sharing (I'd have to sign up to see the actual link, and I'm not going to bother). Some enterprising soul kindly uploaded the books there, and four people have thanked them for it already. I know piracy happens, and I generally don't get real stressed about it, but come on, is 99 cents really that much to pay for a book you want? Really?

Oh, well, guys, enjoy the books. Maybe you'll consider paying me 99 cents for the next one you want to read *shrugs*.


  1. Oh, but you're making SO MUCH MONEY, you'll never miss it.

  2. Yep, I'm a regular J.K. Rowling *rolls eyes*.

    I am ordinarily not too ticked off by piracy, to be honest. I know it's gonna happen, and I don't let myself worry about it much. Stressing out about it only leads to higher blood pressure. But sometimes I just see something like this and wonder, how freakin' cheap do you have to be to pirate a book that sells for 99 cents???!