Sunday, March 20, 2011

Vegetables? Ick, Mom!

Today I cooked a nice Sunday dinner-- chicken (with mushrooms and melted cheese), stuffing, and corn on the cob. The kids all looked dubiously at the stuffing.

"Mom, what is this green and white stuff?"

"Celery and onions," I answered. "You know, vegetables."

"Why'd you put that in there? Usually you just throw the crumbs into the broth and stir it up."

"We had it this way at Christmas, remember? Stuffing is supposed to have celery and onions in it."

More dubious looks around the table. "We don't like it this way. Do we have to eat it? It's yucky."

"Oh, no problem," I said. "I just spent all that time cutting up the vegetables, sauteing them in butter, and then cooked the stuffing for half an hour in the oven. I spent a lot of time and effort making it so yucky. Feel free to skip it."

Smiles all around the table. "Thanks, Mom."

Sarcasm is lost on these kids. I swear.

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