Friday, April 15, 2011

A bad review that made me happy

It's not often that a bad review makes me happy, but I got one today that made me smile. The reviewer gave one of my erotic romances two stars and complained that the sex was "too out there." I've always thought my weakness in erotic romance writing was that I was too vanilla, so this delighted me. I managed to write some hot stuff that was too much for someone! How awesome is that?!


  1. I recently had a guy give me a semi-bad review (3 stars) that made me feel good as well. He said the book was really entertaining, that he learned something from each section, but he found himself wanting more at the end of each chapter so that upset him.

    My goals are to make it entertaining and that my readers learn something (I write non-fiction) and that I leave my readers wanting more. I accomplished my goals.

  2. You're such a "bad" writer hehehehe