Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Busch Gardens, yay!

We bought season passes to Busch Gardens, and will be going there regularly in lieu of a summer vacation. We went today for the first time, and everyone had a good time. I only had a couple of issues:

1. There are not enough bathrooms (if you have Crohn's disease). Then again, the only way for a place to have enough bathrooms for a Crohn's sufferer is if they're provided at twenty-foot intervals:-).

2. The walking was hard. Since we moved to Tidewater, I've gotten used to flatness. I'd forgotten all about these things called hills.

3. My sons are a pair of weenies and will not go on any ride scarier than the "Little Balloons." I gotta work on those kids if I expect to get on a ride myself anytime this summer!


  1. Haha....I'm going to think about you tearin' it up on the Little Balloons all summer.

  2. I didn't even get to go on the Curse of DarKastle! *cries*

    Oh, well, I have all summer. Sooner or later, I'll get to ride everything...