Monday, April 18, 2011

Today I did lots of work (or rather, my kids did)

The yard guys came late last week, and (after they mowed the lawn) weedwhacked my worst flowerbed. I decided to get it mulched before the weeds get a chance to get started again, so today I bought several bags of mulch. The kids are home for spring break, and it was a beautiful day, so they all decided it would be fun to help. (This is the kind of thing a smart mom takes advantage of while it lasts-- by August they'll be acting like they're being tortured if I ask them to help in the slightest way.) The kids dragged the mulch bags across the yard, I opened them and dumped them out, and then the six-year-old spread the mulch around the flowerbed. Then we hung up some new baskets of petunias (I murdered off my pansies already), and the kids watered all the flowers.

And finally, I went to Wal-Mart and got a few of those cute little solar lights, and installed them along the front walkway. I'd love to put them along the edge of the flowerbed in the back yard too, but I worry that the dogs will see them as something to eat (they think pretty much everything is a chew toy), and solar batteries won't do them much good. So I think it's best the back yard remain dark...

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