Saturday, April 9, 2011

Lucky kid

My dad bought himself a 46-inch LCD television a couple of months ago, and then decided it was too big for his living room. He replaced it with a 32-incher and handed off the big TV to us. We already have a huge TV downstairs, and I have no space for one that big in my bedroom, so I'm giving it to my oldest (her room over the garage was used as a den by the folks who built the house, so it happens to have space in the built-in shelving for a large television). Though I haven't ever allowed my kids to have TVs in their rooms, I was going to get her a TV when she turned sixteen in July anyway-- but it sure as heck wouldn't have been a monster TV like this one. She's one lucky kid!


  1. Yeah she is! My son just got me a 52 inch and I love it! It's almost like being at the movies! *L*

  2. We finally got a big TV for our living room. We all feel lucky! The tv/vcr/dvd setup in the kids' room is a heady 13 incher hehehe. They don't use it much, but it has come in handy when I've gotten desperate for some peace & quiet and don't want them watching tv in the living room, which is essentially the middle of the house.