Saturday, May 14, 2011

Amazon changes the rules

It appears that Amazon has a new board here for promotion. The rules state, "With the advent of the new community, we will no longer allow self-promotional posts in other communities. Starting on Saturday, May 14th, all 'shameless self promotion' activity will be limited to the `Meet Our Authors' community. Promotional threads outside of these forums will be removed."

While this is a good idea in practice, it probably means that this particular board will be frequented by authors, and very few readers. Since there are no mods, it will be overrun with threads for single books very quickly, making it impossible to navigate. So I suspect posting on Amazon will rapidly become next to useless as far as promotion is concerned. Too bad, but hardly surprising.

1 comment:

  1. Ellen, do you know about the Romance Forum Refugee group on goodreads?

    They are going to be tough on self-promoting, but they DO have an "Authors post your books here" thread. I think the RFR group already has over 150 members. Not thousands like amazon, but still an "in" in the word-of-mouth world of romance readers.