Tuesday, May 10, 2011


If English is not your first language, you might want to get your book properly translated before trying to sell it. An indie author has been hitting the Amazon boards fairly hard with promos for this book, and readers are not showing signs of interest, probably due to the summary:

The name of main character is Jim Ryan.
Jim is archeology that suffers from insomnia disease.
One day Jim from the museum went to discover ancient monuments will be sent to Egypt. When Jim goes to that area, an antique caves located within one will find in Egypt.
Jim wanted it that antique take with him to the museum, suddenly, an anonymous person with a stick on tight turns and Jim is anesthetized and goes to sleep.
When Jim goes to sleep the sleep that sees itself finds a glowing sphere. In seeking clues to the strange events of Jim falls, which are forced together to discover the secret of the ball could pass through strange lands, so that!

Sounds like a Mad Lib, doesn't it? This kind of thing does nothing to improve the public image of indie authors, particularly when the author spams the boards and makes himself very, very noticeable. It's frustrating. But once again, I suppose we just have to remember that we have no control over what other authors do. We can only control our own product, and our own behavior.

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