Thursday, May 5, 2011

Tweet, don't twit

If all you ever tweet about is your book(s)-- reviews, links, and so forth-- your Twitter followers are going to get bored. No one wants to see a constant stream of ads. I'm hardly a Twitter expert, but I'm pretty sure ads, ads and more ads are not really what your readers are looking for.


  1. I just started twittering and added a bunch of writers. I noticed by day 8 that there was one that had ads to buy her book for pages long before I saw what anyone else had twittered. She said nothing besides, "Buy My Book."
    It was annoying.
    I deleted her.
    And I honestly can't tell you what her name was or what her book was called. I'm pretty sure it was a girl though. Or there was a girl on the cover anyways. *L* So are a total turn off when that is all you see.

  2. Exactly, Gabriella. I started following someone recently, and I'd see two or more ads for his books an hour-- and nothing else. At least I *think* there was nothing else; if there was anything else, it was drowned out for me in the constant promotion. That just does not make me want to follow someone. It's dull, frankly.