Saturday, June 11, 2011

Busch Gardens again

Since we have season tickets, we went to Busch Gardens for the second time today. Last time we waited in traffic for a long time, but today we drove right in. My oldest and I headed for the Loch Ness Monster, and walked right on. Then we headed for DarKastle and walked right onto that one, too. And so forth and so on.

It was only about ninety today (not terribly hot for summer in Virginia), so I had expected the place to be a madhouse. But it appears everyone else headed for Water Country instead. The only time we really encountered a line was for the Roman Rapids, and even that wasn't too bad. We got to ride on just about everything we wanted to, with much less stress than usual. There wasn't even a line in the Festhaus when we did lunch at noon!

Also, my kids were awesome, with no squabbling and much watching out for each other, and I didn't have problems with my stomach for once in my life. So overall, it was a near-perfect day:-).

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