Thursday, June 9, 2011

The unexpected benefits of a new computer...

Got iTunes back onto my computer this morning. I've never listened to music while working, because the old computer couldn't handle websurfing or Word while listening to music at the same time (you'd get these weird lags where one note would repeat over and over as the computer struggled to keep up with it all). But with the new computer, I can listen to music just fine-- and with my new speakers, I can even annoy my children by playing really loud music!

Life is good *grins widely*.

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  1. I recently discovered groove shark a free music radio show. All kinds of music. I asked my son (the computer nerd) to make me music CD's and he said, "Come here, watch this." That's when he showed me the radio link.
    Now of course he's sorry! *lol* Yesterday he handed me a pair of headphones.
    I love listening to Adele while I write.
    Anyways, enjoy your music!