Thursday, June 30, 2011

Cat update

Daughter #2 was able to track Mama Cat to her den a few days ago. She was living under someone's house, and after checking with the guy who owned the house to be sure he didn't want her, we captured her one kitten and took him home. Mama Cat was quite happy to come along. She was clearly a house cat, once upon a time-- the minute she saw a litter box, she stepped right into it and daintily used it, and she loves to wind around our legs, purring like a little outboard motor. The kitten was a little feral at first, but now allows us to pick him up and pat him, though he still likes to hide under furniture.

I took them to the vet today. Mama got all her shots, and kitten got the shots he can have (he's probably about seven weeks old, and they can't quite determine if it's a he or a she yet, so for now I'll refer to it as a he). They also got a deworming shot, a nail trim, and flea treatments. Overall, they're very healthy, and with a little food they should be perfectly all right. They are adapting well to life indoors. I've been keeping them cooped up in the game room to minimize my other animals' exposure to fleas and other parasites, but I'll let them out into the rest of the house pretty soon.

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