Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The great medical update

Went to see the surgeon yesterday, and the gastrointestinal guy today. My incision from the surgery is healing well, so the gastro guy wants to get me onto Remicade. This is an infusion--meaning you have to sit there for hours while they put it into your bloodstream-- that works very, very well for many Crohn's patients (though of course there are no guarantees). Specifically, it helps prevent "fistulizing" disease, which is what caused my abscess, so if it works, it should at least prevent that problem from recurring. But it actually puts a lot of Crohn's patients into remission entirely, so fingers are crossed that it'll work for me. I could use a little luck for once where my health is concerned!

On the down side, I stubbed the hell out of one of my toes this morning. At first I thought it was broken, but I've kept ice on it all morning, and it feels better. Not great, but better. If I can just keep my dogs' paws from stomping it, and avoid slamming it into doors again, I think it'll be okay. I can't afford to have a major foot injury in the summer-- the kids would have a fit if we couldn't go places!

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