Tuesday, September 6, 2011

That Dear Author review for SEEING SPOTS...

...has some of the nicest comments on it. One person says, "...I do remember this author for having a nice writing style." The reviewer responds, "She does have a really nice writing style – very pleasant and funny. There was absolutely nothing wrong with the story, and it was a great little read. My biggest problem was that it wasn’t all that memorable for me, so it wasn’t catapulted into a higher grade range. That’s all. Her heroes are very sweet and beta, which was a nice change of pace." Other comments: "That’s my favorite thing about the one story of hers I’ve read: a likable, believable beta hero." "I really enjoy Ellen’s stories precisely because they are uncomplicated and humorous with adorable beta heroes."

Awwww. It's lovely to be appreciated:-). I do think it's interesting, though, that readers mostly seem to remember my humor (such as it is, heh) and my beta heroes. It seems that my historicals and Never Love a Stranger (all of which are fairly heavy, angsty reading) haven't made as much of an impression as my lightweight, fluffy contemporaries.

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