Sunday, September 4, 2011

RT me!

I participated in #SampleSunday today for the first time. Since I was actually paying attention, I noticed a bunch of retweets going past. I looked, and sure enough, on Kindleboards there's a thread for people to RT each other. I had thought the #SampleSunday thread on KB would simply be a place to post your link so people could find it, but no, it's explicitly set up to encourage people to RT each other.

I really do wonder if this helps. If people RT a whole lot of stuff like this (even if they try to schedule it out so it's not so spammy), do readers really pay attention? Don't readers get sick of seeing all those RTed samples? I would think they would, after a while...

If it does work, though, I suppose I'm at a disadvantage, publicity-wise, since my sample is only tweeted once, and some samples are being tweeted dozens of times.

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