Saturday, July 31, 2004

We survived!

My daughter's birthday party is over, and it went great. We had ten kids show up-- quite a few more than usual. It's really hard to get people to come to a party in the summer! Everyone had fun, and the birthday girl, who is prone to drama queen behavior and occasional sulkiness, behaved herself very nicely. The kids ran around the backyard and played in the sprinkler and ate cake and pizza... they'll probably all go home and throw up:-P. But that's their parents problem, not mine *grinning evilly*.

I hoped DH would take the rest of the afternoon to finish reviewing STRANGER, but he says he's worked hard enough chasing around after all those kids, and he's going to watch golf on TV. I can't really blame him. It's truly amazing how exhausting a two-hour birthday party can be!

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