Sunday, April 17, 2005

Keeping up with the times

I just visited Larissa's blog (link above) and was floored by the comment she got on a contest entry: "A body-pierced, pink-haired heroine will NOT go over with readers."

Sez who? If romance is to remain appealing to younger readers, our characters have to move with the times. Real younger people do have body piercings (I cringe at the thought, but I'm a weenie-- I was 22 before I even pierced my ears!) and pink hair. We're not going to make it with younger readers if we persist in writing our mother's romances. Good writing is about realism, or it ought to be.

And on that note, I decided it was time for me to watch "Sex and the City." I don't have cable, so I've never watched it before, but I've seen references to it on various author's websites (particularly Alison's). I got Season 4 from the library and watched a couple of episodes of it with DH last night. Very amusing, although when you're used to "Friends" I gotta admit the repeated use of the F-word and the frontal nudity is a little... startling. But again, youngish people nowadays use that kind of language (and I'm 37, not much older than the main character). Anyway, I liked the show and plan on watching more tonight.


  1. I love Sex and the City! If you can, start at the beginning, because a lot of stuff will make more sense. That said, I think I started watching somewhere around the 4th season because that's when I got HBO. Since then, a friend has sent me the first 4 seasons so I could watch from the beginning.

  2. I have the first season on hold at the library, but I got tired of waiting, so I grabbed what was available. I'll go back and see the first season when I can, though. Maybe one of these days The World's Cheapest Husband will get cable... but I'm not holding my breath:-).