Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Chasing agents

I blogged a few days ago about my "really good idea" for a book to target at New York. I emailed the two agents at the top of my list about it, sending them a proposal for a proposal (ie, a blurb and the first page.) One responded somewhat negatively, saying (very kindly) that she already represented an author who had done a somewhat similar project, but she did offer to take a look at it anyway once I had the proposal ready. The other said outright that she'd like to see the proposal. So I need to get that done.

I wasted this morning, though, looking around for better graphics for my website. I found them... now I just need to convince DH he needs to spend the time redoing all the buttons and everything else. Somehow I think he's not going to be thrilled about that. Maybe I can convince him to consider it my birthday present!

And finally, I dashed across town this morning to get the October Romantic Times. There's an NCP ad (toward the back of the magazine) featuring a number of our books, including In the Mood. I didn't get a review, because the last-minute edits made it impossible to submit an ARC, but the ad looks terrific.


  1. Congrats! It's great to hear positive news. Good luck.

  2. Congrats on the agent request, Ellen. I'm about to start an agent hunt myself. They're elusive creatures. Sometimes I feel like a big game hunter. All I need is the pith helmet...
    I look forward to seeing the RT ad when my copy arrives. The NCP ads are lovely.