Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Agent, agent on the wall...

I got a very positive response from the agent. She's currently too swamped to make a decision, but she asked me to hang in there. So I'm hangin'. She did say she'd "love" to represent me, which is nice to hear, even if she eventually decides her list is too full. There are worse things than hearing that a major agent really likes your work:-).

I'm back to working seriously on Kindred (Thanksgiving and other issues got in my way) and wrote 2500 words yesterday. I'm hoping to hit 20,000 words-- 2/3s done-- by the end of the month.

DH finished reviewing Christmas Carol last night, so I'm going to edit it for the last time this morning and send it back to my editor.


  1. That's great news - huge! Like Diana,I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you.