Monday, November 28, 2005

Edits and reviews

I got Christmas Carol back from my editor this weekend. The subject line read, "Not-really-edited Christmas Carol because it's perfect as is!" In her notes she had written, "This is truly a lovely and sexy story. You're such a talented writer." *Blushes modestly* That's a nice thing to hear from an editor. She did mark a couple of scenes that could be expanded slightly, and DH marked a few logical errors for me, so I'll spiff it up today and send it back. I'm glad it doesn't require extensive changes, though, as I just discovered it's scheduled for release this Friday.

Also, we got a nice review of Tripping Through the Universe from ParaNormal Reviews. Cynthia M. Eckert called Farthest Space "a fun space age story that really struck me as a cross between 'Star Trek' and 'Galaxy Quest'...I greatly enjoyed the other novel I’d read by Ellen Fisher and this was no different. Farthest Space was a fun, sexy story that while campy and making many cultural references, I found very enjoyable."

It's a nice review in which she nailed exactly what I was trying to do. Farthest Space IS campy, a spoof, and not to be taken seriously. If a reader expects it to be as serious as, say, Never Love a Stranger, she might find herself a little baffled. I'm glad Ms. Eckert got it!

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  1. Farthest Space's spoofiness is obvious right from the beginning. I didn't find the two confusing, and I don't think most readers would! And hurrah and your Friday release of Christmas Carol! - Charlene