Saturday, October 30, 2010

9000 sold!

I was pleased to tally up my totals sold since February and find that I've sold over 9000 downloads (indie books only, not counting all the extra Samhain books I've sold since becoming an indie). I knew I'd get there soon, but I wasn't sure I'd make it by the end of this month. That's an average of a thousand books a month, which isn't great, but take February out of it (in which I only sold 27 books) and the average improves a bit. I will say that my sales per month have sunk quite a bit lately, probably because I haven't had anything new out since July. I'm hoping to get something out soon, but we shall see:-).

At any rate, to me it seems like a pretty decent number for a small press romance author with nothing but re-releases, so I'm pleased.


  1. Big congrats! That's not bad at all. :)

    Jordan Summers

  2. Congratulations, Ellen!

    But what happened in February??

  3. Thanks, y'all. I'm not making a ton of money, obviously, but it's nice to have people reading my books again, in any event.

    And Vicki, February was my first month as an indie author. I was not at all surprised by the low number, because no one had really found me on Amazon at that point. What shocked me was when sales suddenly took off in March!